Warehousing and Distribution

The Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad’s warehouse and distribution partners have over one million square feet of dry warehouse capacity, including bonded storage, and over 12,000 pallet positions of refrigerated or frozen warehouse capacity. Warehousing, cross-docking, fulfillment, and regional truck distribution can all be tailored to your specific requirements. Our third-party logistics providers are well-versed in all bar code application and scanning fulfillment technologies, and offer trucking withing a 200 mile radius of the Pennsylvania Northeastern.


Dry Storage

Over one million reasons for you to utilize the dry storage warehousing on the Pennsylvania Northeastern. That is the number of square feet of dry warehouse space accessible to our railroad. From pulp board to tomato paste, order fulfillment to pick and pack and assembly, our third-party logistics partners are experienced in the handling of all of these commodities, services and any other commonplace or unique requests that you may require.


Lay Down Yards

Lumber, panels, OSB, wall board and associated building materials are stored and distributed from our logistics provider’s spacious lay down yard and covered storage. We handle many of the largest forest product suppliers’ rail shipments into eastern Pennsylvania for distribution throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Rest assured knowing that your forest product distribution needs can be met on the Pennsylvania Northeastern.


Cold Storage

Refrigerated and frozen products from North America arrive every week on the Pennsylvania Northeastern. From French fries to ice cream to any temperature-controlled product, our cold storage logistics provider can handle any commodity for large or small pallet position quantities. Whether distributing to large grocery store distribution centers, home delivery providers or smaller customers, they can specialize the service to meet your needs.

Bonded Storage

Our third-party logistics provider is authorized to receive, store, and distribute alcoholic beverages and bonded import shipments by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Imported dutiable merchandise can be stored or manipulated without payment of duty for up to five years from the date of importation.