Utility and Land Use

For utility companies, advertisers, and adjacent landowners wanting access over, under, or across our railroad tracks and property, please contact us for more information. Under no circumstances are you or any person or entity associated with you authorized to trespass or take any action involving the property or rights of the Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad without prior written approval from Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad management.


Signs and Billboards

The PN has several high volume vehicular and pedestrian locations that are suitable for commercial advertising. We are experienced with sign and billboard site leasing and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas.

Land Lease

Whether looking for an easement, right of way access or railroad crossing regarding the PN, we are always open to discussing such matters. Bring your proposal or conceptual plan to the PN and we can review it with you.


For all utility line access and land use, prior to taking any other actions, please contact the PN with your proposal. If the PN agrees with the project, please obtain written approval from the PN before taking any further action.