Bulk Product Transfer

The Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad offers railcar transloading services for those looking to set up a rail distribution center in Pennsylvania. We have strategic partnerships with trucking companies to handle transloading from rail to truck/truck to rail and getting your freight where it needs to be. Transloading involves moving liquid, gas and dry bulk commodities from one mode to the other, yielding all of the efficiencies that rail offers to customers who are not rail direct served. Trucks can provide 150 miles or more of delivery service right to your facility.

We provide rail facilities for transloading services to meet all types of gas, liquid, and dry bulk commodity transfers. Our facilities provide the opportunity to expand your bulk distribution network throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. If you do not have the ability to receive or load rail at your local location but want to take advantage of the economics of long-haul rail shipping, our facilities are a cost-effective alternative. PN facilities are an excellent gateway to exporting and importing of bulk products to ocean vessels docked in Philadelphia, Newark or Wilmington.