Freight Transportation

Rail freight transportation is the backbone of the Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad. We carry freight for many customers ranging from manufacturers to distributors, moving from a few cars per month, to thousands of cars per year. We have a well-maintained locomotive fleet, and our rail infrastructure can handle  unit trains, and 286,000 lbs cars. We invite any rail customer coming to Pennsylvania to consider our railroad as a home for their new facility.


Rail Network

The PN's rail network runs through Bucks and Montgomery Counties, some of the most active, manufacturing and distribution industrial locations in the metro Philadelphia area. We provide customer facility rail switching, as needed, to ensure consumer goods and production materials are delivered on-time. In concert with CSX Transportation, our Class I railroad connection, we provide rail access throughout North America.


Rail Freight Pricing​

Regardless of your experience shipping by rail, we will work with you, and all other railroads associated with the shipment of your products to ensure efficient, cost effective and seamless service. The PN has demonstrated its ability to provide competitive rail freight pricing as evidenced by its double digit growth over each of the past seven years. Please contact the PN to discuss how we can work together to provide your company with competitive, safe and dependable rail freight pricing.