Construction and Rehabilitation

No matter the project – whether it’s restoring older track, laying down a new route or installing specialty rail – The Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad is ready to take on the task. We have successfully completed hundreds of railroad construction projects, often in conjunction with live rail operations, for a range of customers across several industries.


New Construction

Building a new rail-served facility, initiating rail transportation into a location’s supply chain or any other reason to commence rail operations, the PN can advise, draft, and construct the rail infrastructure assets to meet your needs. Your location does not have to be served by the PN to take advantage of our professional services.



Keeping rail operations running is what we do. Do not let broken rails or other problems impede your ability to maintain consistent rail service for your facility. Whether it is emergency repairs or scheduled maintenance, the PN has the specialized equipment and experienced manpower to get you back up and running.



Whether revitalizing dormant rail infrastructure, replacing worn tracks, or adding car spots to your existing rail yard, the PN can handle it. Services for laying down rail and ballast or connecting signals and switches, the PN has the expertise in all facets of bringing rail networks to life.